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This CTF contest was conducted by TCS every year for Graduating Engineers,this contest has scheduled for 8hrs with 6hrs dedicated for CTF and another 2hrs for Vulnerability Assessment Report submission

Tcs-Hackquest follows Jeopardy Style but Compared to other CTF’s you will find Flag format as a Final flag ex: hq4{<….some…

this writeup is particulary for solving ctf challenges! through online with the help of available features/Resources provided in some dedicated websites..!

This Writeup is Very useful for the beginners to start working with NS2 and Projects on the Domain of Computer Networks and Network Security! integrated with VANET,MANET and WSN ,etc.


Tools Required: NS2 , NAM ,NSG2.1.jar , Linux-Terminal or Cygwin.

1)Fire up your Terminal:

My First Bug! I, found by manual testing some websites! in Offensive Approach!!! where i found some non-severe bugs which was present inside the Sathyabama University Webpage!

1)Self XSS:

A simple payload i executed as <script>alert(“Hacked”);</script> which shown an alert of Self XSS!!

2)HTML Injection:

Dhanu R

it’s not $whoami, but what i do that defines me!

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