TCS Hackquest 4.0

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This CTF contest was conducted by TCS every year for Graduating Engineers,this contest has scheduled for 8hrs with 6hrs dedicated for CTF and another 2hrs for Vulnerability Assessment Report submission

Tcs-Hackquest follows Jeopardy Style but Compared to other CTF’s you will find Flag format as a Final flag ex: hq4{<….some strings…>} but before finding this flag you have to find and submit access code or message code which is hidden in some levels of TCS Hackquest 4.0!

“ Appearance of the Hacquest 4.0 CTF “

After beginning the CTF you need to download your Report Template and you need to take screenshots for Each and every level you Cleared in this Contest! After 6hrs the Hackquest CTF contest link got expires and you can’t proceed further!


then you need a only option to Download or Upload Report in Campuscommune in End!!

Note: you can upload your Report only once in the Campuscommune portal so,be consious while uploading your Report!

Vulnerability Assessment Report:

Report Submission is very important one in Hackquest while submitting the report you have to give a complete step by step approach in explaining how you got the flag with prior screenshots , tools and URL used,etc

Here,i am attaching my Original Report of the Hackquest 4.0 submitted in the year 2019 ! please just go through it,don’t create a Report as i made it Represnt in your own style ,give elaborate explanation and Screenshot for each and every level with proper approaches you have made it !

Challenges Appeared in Level-1 of Hackquest 3.0


After,the completion of Report submission round the count of Top 50 students is announced by this contest based upon Quality of Report Submitted , Time Taken , Uniqueness ,etc

the Irony thing is only Top 50 shortlisted students can further proceed to Grand finale of TCS Hackquest every year!!

Moral:- you can Win,But not all the time…!

Conclusion: i Believe persistence is the only key for Success! , Fail until you Succeed..!

Hope,this writeup may helpful for future participating contestants of TCS Hackquest infurther years!!




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